Fit Freaks ‘n’ Foodies: The ultimate London bucket list

Leaving for big badass adventures always seems like a great idea, until it dawns on you that you live in one of the most incredible cities in the whole world. Your days desk-dreaming away to sipping coconuts on palm fringed islands, sunrise surfs and epic mountain hikes are replaced with realisations about all the things you’re going to miss. And innevitably, alongside planning that trip of a lifetime, comes listing what you want to do before you leave. It’s almost enough to make you wonder why you even decided to go… almost.

Which is where I’ve found myself.

And now I have just three months left before I quit life to travel the world. And I’ve finally found some serious perspective on my undying appreciation for this city. Perhaps I’m racing head first into being shit-scared about actually leaving London (or I’m just generally shit-scared about not doing the things I always said I would) but there’s so many incredible adventures to be had in London. So, if you’re living in London and looking for fresh life goals or if you’re an adventure travel fitness lover visiting London, you’ll love this. Forget all the cliche London stuff… this is way better. This is the ultimate London bucket list. Tanned, Toned & Travelled style.

1. Try out all the Fitness Studios

Fit For Adventure: Namaslay by Gymbox London

Photo via Gymbox

London has an incredible amount of choice when it comes to fitness studios. Barry’s Bootcamp, Gymbox, Another Space, Unit1, 12×3, Ministry Does Fitness, Move Your Frame, ONE LDN, Block, 1Rebel… every week I’m discovering new boutique gyms and fitness spaces in this city. Some that I like way more than others, but the point is there are options for you to find what suits your vibe. So if you’re all about discovering the local fitness scene, you’ve come to the right place.

2. Just try all the smoothies…

Fit For Adventure: The Green One at Move Your Frame London

Photo via Move Your Frame

Ok so we ain’t no Morocco or Sri Lanka when it comes to the blended stuff, but we do have some pretty good places to pick it up. Suck on one after your workout at adidas Studio, 1Rebel or Move Your Frame. Or enjoy one with a healthy meal at Tossed, Pure or Leon in central. It can be a pricier way to do it if you live in the city, but when you buy them out it can spark up inspiration for those home made blends so it’s always worth trying them!

3. …And eat all the burgers

Yeah ok ok, I love fitness and clean living 80% of the time, but me ‘n’ my bae had our first date in Clapham Common skate park followed by a Byron Burger. Needless to say, I love burger joints as much as I love him. Favourites include Honest Burger, Patty & Bun, Meat Liquor and Byron Burger (obvs).

4. Savour every flavour at Crosstown

Fit For Adventure: Matcha Tea & Vanilla flavour doughnut

Photo via Crosstown Doughnuts

All those calories burned in fitness classes mean that indulging in a cheeky treat while you’re in London is definitely ok. Especially when the flavours include Match Tea, Apricot and Lavender, and Vegan Chocolate Truffle (featuring chia seeds and coconut butter!). If you manage to try every awesome flavour imaginable and live to tell the tale of sugar comas I want to hear from ya. Otherwise just try your top three and then get back to boot camping yo’self guys!

5. Yoga in the Shard

Yoga… in the coolest skyscraper in London (if it’s cool enough for David Attenborough to do the closing scene of Planet Earth II then it’s the coolest) with some serious me-time after at the Shangri-La spa? I’m in! The question is, when will new dates be released FBY? For more asanas at dizzying heights above London, check out Fat Buddha Yoga in the Leadenhall Building for or try sunrise yoga in the Sky Garden.

6. Take part in FREE fitness classes

Fit For Adventure: FREE classes at adidas Studio LDN

Photo via adidas Studio LDN

Yes that’s right guys, some things do come for free in London. And from what I’ve experienced so far they are awesome. If you’re looking for free classes in London, be sure to check out Lulu Lemon, Reebok and adidas Studio LDN. Sign up to their Facebook event pages for latest updates and to get involved with the action.

Are any of those on your bucket list?

If they are, I’d love to know!

Stay wild adventurers!

with love, L x

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Hero image by Clark Tibbs via Unsplash


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  1. Janet Burton
    September 12, 2017 / 7:43 am

    Who knew you could have such adventure in your quest for food and fitness in the big smoke!!!

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