#Couplegoals: 8 Top Tips for Travelling as a Couple

At times it can be tough travelling as a couple; living in each other’s personal space for months at a time, sometimes forgetting where the romance went when you’re crammed in between 3 families on a hot train in India or wet wipe showering together at 4900m above sea level in the middle of the Nepalese Himalayas. He’s your favourite person in the entire world, but sometimes the struggle seems so real.

Mark and I have been together two and a half years. We’ve barely argued. Until about our third month of travelling together. And after another two months passed I came to realise that actually it’s TOTALLY normal. And nothing to worry about or anything that should jeopardise our relationship. But I do have a few things to share with you that we’ve learned along the way. These are our top tips for keeping the romance alive while on the road to minimise bad vibes and create more good ones! So you can spend less time arguing and more time making up – not like that guys – we’ll maybe like that… along with enjoying all the exploring of course!

1.Book into a romantic accommodation

Hostels, tea houses, twin rooms and camping. All of these are the experiences we crave for when we travel – something totally different from the normal, to send us way beyond our comfort zone. But it’s not romantic. So be sure to put aside some time and budget for booking into a hotel, air b’n’b or flashy guest house as a reprieve to rekindle the romance. And it doesn’t have to be expensive, it just has to be a step up from dirt cheap!

2. Make each other breakfast

Those little gestures that were so easy back at home on a lazy Saturday morning are a lot more difficult when you’re living on the road. So along with romantic accommodation, try to find somewhere with kitchen facilities. It’s equally as much of a reprieve but this time from eating out for breakfast lunch and dinner. Go to the shops, get some fresh ingredients and make your fave person their fave breakie.

3. Work as a team

You know his strengths, he knows yours. It can be stressful sometimes trying to make your way from one place to another when you’re battling the heat, busy areas and taxi drivers hustling you. For example, Mark will stand in the ticket queue at the train station while I investigate where the platform is. Make sure you work together to help you get where you need to go.

4. Surprise each other with date days

This is my favourite one! It needs to be saved for when you have a few days in one place because chances are you’ll be making plans together to make your itinerary work. Have a day where you create an itinerary for the day and surprise your other half. Then swap when you’re at another location on your trip. It doesn’t have to be often, choose a day every couple of weeks, like every other Wednesday.

5. Treat each other to a couples massage

Another one of my faves. It’s sensual, it’s together, but it’s also apart. You have some head space from one another, but you can come back relaxed after and compare notes!

6. Talk about your favourite moments

This is an easy one that you can do anywhere at any time. Whether it’s on an aeroplane, a local bus or before you fall asleep at night. Tell each other your top three moments from your trip that you’ve shared together so far. Maybe it was the first time you ever tried surfing together, the time you sat and watched the sunrise over the mountains or slept under the stars. Whatever it is, tell each other and remind yourself how special the memories are that you’re making together.

7. Let the arguments happen… and then dust them off

Don’t hold grudges. Don’t dwell on the little things that annoy you about each other when you travel together. You will argue, it’s natural. But the most important thing is to dust it off… you’ll love each other even more after you’ve made up 😉

8. Give each other some space

This is a big one, because there’s not always time to give each other space. You’re too busy exploring the world together right?! Right, but you still want to have some down time, we’re not all machines. So that week you booked to stay by the beach and chill out – use that time and factor in a couple of hours where you both do something that isn’t together. Maybe he heads for a surf while you sit on the beach and read your page-turner, it could be that simple.

And always remember…

Couples who travel together, stay together. Arguments and all! Because you just climbed to Everest Base Camp, slept under the stars, and saw wonders of this world – TOGETHER. And that’s pretty magical.

Are you travelling as a couple, or have you ever travelled as a couple?

I’d love to know. Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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