3 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Consumption While Travelling

This post is going to be short but SWEET. Because there are three very simple ways we can reduce our plastic consumption and make a difference when we travel. It’s not complicated, and I don’t need a lengthy blog post to explain. If we ALL adopt these ways, we can have some hope in changing the amounts of plastic we consume as travellers.

Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but photographs has never felt so poignant. And the great thing is there are some ways we can contribute to being responsible travellers to help achieve this. These small steps can help to reduce a large scale problem. Check them out below.


Problem solved for travellers by: STEEL STRAWS

Say NO to plastic straws, use steel straws instead

I only heard about these myself at the beginning of the year when a friend of mine posted about them on social media. When I arrived in India, I realised some cafes were already using them. And in Sri Lanka even more cafes have adopted the use of steel straws! Weirdly I never saw these appear in cosmopolitan London…? Anyway that’s besides the point. Get a steel straw, keep it in your bag, and whip it out for cocktails, coconuts, iced teas or smoothies. Whatever your drink jam, bring your reusable steel straw. In a dream world all restaurants and cafes will start to realise that plastic straws is a huge problem. Let’s be a part of making this happen and bringing them to the attention of cafes and restaurants across the globe!

I now write in my Google reviews for anywhere that doesn’t have steel straws just to bring it to their attention… Say NO to plastic straws.

Problem #2: PLASTIC BAGS

Problem solved for travellers by: A CANVAS TOTE BAG

Travel with a tote bag

Don’t tell me you don’t have one of these in your cupboard. Because I’m pretty sure you do! In fact, you’ve probably got four. Bring one of them travelling with you and take it everywhere you go. If you’re buying some groceries in a store, or a souvenir, or some medicine because you got an infected cut (the struggle is real!), simply bring your tote. Say NO to plastic bags.


Problem solved for travellers by: A RE-USABLE WATER BOTTLE

Say NO to plastic bottles, travel with re-usable bottles instead

This was a tricky one for us as we knew we’d be travelling in India and Nepal where you absolutely should never drink the tap water. Meaning refilling a bottle sounded like a ridiculous idea. The truth is, there’s usually water refilling stations around at hostels and restaurants – so bring your re-usable bottle to avoid using plastic bottles wherever possible. I love my Klean Kanteen, but there’s heaps of bottles out on the market now so find one you love and look after it while you travel. Say NO to plastic bottles.


Avoid consuming wherever possible including plastic cups and plastic spoons that come with your ice cream. It’s really easy to just say NO. I know in some instances we have no choice because plastic really is everywhere. But if we all unite to make these very small and simple changes in the way we travel, we really can make a difference! And have way more fun enjoying the beautiful places in our world, in the knowledge that we are doing SOMETHING to help prevent them becoming polluted by plastic.

Is this post already finished? Woah, that was quick.

It’s that simple guys, let’s unite to be a part of saying NO to plastic.

Will you say no to plastic?

Let me know in the comments if you’re already doing these when you travel or you will be starting to right now! And if you have any other ways that you have adopted in your lifestyle as a traveller to reduce plastic consumption, please share them below, I’d love to hear all about it!

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