Chasing the sun, the waves, waterfalls, mountains, forests, the saltwater and the sweat. Sometimes in that order, but not always. Travel is about discovery, adventure, the call of the new and the wild. That feeling of accomplishment when you dropped a pin on google maps and found something bigger and better than anything you ever imagined in you wildest dreams... 

Tanned, Toned & Travelled is about the quest for adventure, the ultimate escapism while living a fit and healthy lifestyle and being ready physically to tackle any hike, bike, surf or city walk. So I'm here (hi, I'm Lou standing like a wannabe Pocahontas in that picture below) to share tips and tricks along with my own story of adventure to help inspire your next trip.

Come hang out, find inspiration or just dip in for a bit of advice or travel related hacks all while keeping your body moving and exploring this wonderful world. This blog is open to anyone who wants to come along for the ride. 

That, along with my own stories from the road of course (I need to keep Mum and Dad happy). I’ve recently quit the 9-5 city hustle to fill my life with the new flavours, sites, sounds and smells of adventure with my adventure soulmate and boyfriend Mark. Come! Let's wander where the wifi is weak and the adventure endorphin buzz is high...

Stay wild, L x 


Lou standing on a rock overlooking fjord on Trolltunga hike