10 Photos That’ll Make You Want to Go Surfing in India RN

Surfing in India, believe it or not, IS a thing. And Mark and I spent 2 months there to really explore what it’s all about, where the surf is and who makes the best smoothies on the west coast. The good news is, we managed to answer most of those… the even better news is that there’s a bunch of beautiful photographs to prove it.

Usually, I’m way too busy grabbing a surfboard, slapping the sunscreen and zinc on and jumping into the salt-water to even consider the logistics of taking my DSLR or GoPro down to the beach or on to one of our road trips. But how could I not give you an insight into our surf-filled mornings and share all the adventure stoke with you guys?! Skyscanner at the ready, these photos will make you want to go surfing in India RN.

Pink car with surfboards on top on beach south India

The bug, the tuk, the boards and those dreamy palm fringed shores. Kappil Beach, Kerala

Surfer girl waxing up her surf board, south India

Norway’s finest surfer babe Anniken, waxing up her Indi board under the fresh morning sun <3

Surfer girl headed for the ocean, south India

Anna banana, the babe that is. <3

Mark Derksen with zinc on his face, surfing south India

My surfing smurf and sun bleached blonde bombshell, Mark D. <3

The surf journal from our life in south India

NSP, wax, sandy toes. Surf ON!

The board is out of focus on purpose… promise…

Seriously though. This is Coconut Joe, a 6’4″ NSP. He is the board Mark likes to use.

Surfs up! Boards on the roof of pink car in south India

Road. Trippin’.

Surfer girl with pink surfboard in Kerala, south India

We surf in leggings and tee-shirts here out of respect for the locals, because the beaches we surf on are fringed by Muslim villages and temples.

See ya Kappil Beach! Until next time : )

All the fun, locals and palms all in one place. <3

Have you got the bug to go surfing in India?

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