A Traditional Ayurvedic Detox in Kerala, India

Tanned, Toned & Travelled x Soul & Surf |

One week of tranquil treatment and gutsy purging… the Panchakarma isn’t for the faint hearted. But this traditional Ayurvedic detox, ranging from seven days to one month, is too tempting if, like me, you’re interested in dabbling with Ayurvedic medicine.

The Ayurvedic detox

So, in true Tanned, Toned & Travelled style, I’ve tried and tested the whole process to bring you all the essential information to inspire you to get involved yourself – or scare you away entirely – one or the other!

And in double TTT style, I’ve collaborated with the fiercely awesome Soul & Surf. You should check them out if you’re looking to practice dawn patrol on a cliff top overlooking some seriously sweet beach breaks before zenning our in a shala fit for all the goddess poses you can squat long enough for. You can see the post live now on the Soul & Surf Journal >>> VIEW POST

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