A guide to taking a day trip from delhi to taj mahal by train

OK guys here it is – the ultimate guide to taking a day trip from Delhi to Taj Mahal by train. And the big news is… it’s so flippin’ easy. And the even bigger news is you don’t really need a travel agent. But if you do I’ll tell you the BEST travel agent in Delhi to go.

In this post I’ll cover everything you need to know for your Delhi to Taj Mahal day trip, including information around the Delhi to Agra superfast train, the Delhi to Agra train fare and Taj Mahal timings.

The Taj what?

Jokes I’m sure you know what it is but…

Crafted by 25,000 men of the Mughal empire, standing at 100 metres wide, featuring domes, minerettes and intricate marble inlay details, the Taj Mahal India is the most exquisite building built for the purpose of love alone in the world.

Can you tell how much I learned on our trip? Good. See it’s worth going right?

Now there’s not much else to say apart from that if you’re in Delhi – or India at all – you must get your adventuring ass to the Taj Mahal. I know it’s touristy,  I know it’s what every other traveller wants to do but holy smokes it’s worth it. I’ve been twice now and I could just stare at that beautiful building for hours. Which is why I want to share with you all the details you’ll need for your own Delhi to Taj Mahal day trip.

Getting around in Agra

The best way to get around Agra is to rent a rickshaw for the day. It works out far cheaper than trying to get a rickshaw to all the different attractions in Agra. In fact if you decide to hire a rickshaw for the day you’ll find yourself in all sorts of corners of Agra on a Taj Mahal day tour including visits to the Black Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and Agra Fort; all of which are beautiful. Entry to the attractions is not included in the rickshaw rental price.

Booking your train tickets

I almost didn’t believe it myself even but Delhi is full of people who are going to rip you off. Our trusted travel agent warned us about this after we met him on day two in Delhi. People in Delhi will tell you anything and everything: that train is cancelled, you need to book train tickets two days in advance, everything in Delhi is closed on Friday, your hostel is closed down. LIES!  ALL LIES.

The Taj Mahal on the other hand REALLY is closed on every Friday only. FACT.

A trusted travel agent

If you are unsure of any agents you’ve come across or you just need a good name for someone to trust then do this – GO TO the travel agent desk at Smyle Inn, Main Bazaar road. Simple as that.

Don’t even think about going to the so called ‘government tourist information’ or ‘government tourist agent’. They lure you in by telling you you’ll get a free map of Delhi, you’ll tell them you want to book and train ticket to Agra and the next thing you know they are planning out your whole 3 days in Delhi and trying to sell you a Golden Triangle trip for unthinkable amounts of money to anyone on a budget (£260 quid for 2 people when we could book trains and accommodation ourselves for under £140 for 2 people). Total. Rip. Off.

And yes, we were naive to that, because the truth is guys sometimes you just don’t know who to trust! So we were kinda stuck in there for nearly an hour with a pretty intimidating travel agent.

Booking at Smyle Inn

But you can absolutely trust Rishi who is the agent at the Smyle Inn travel desk. He even told us exactly how much commission he receives and said “if you’d like to, you can go to New Delhi Station [10 mins walk down the road] and book yourself. They have an area for international tourists there”. Of course we just cracked on with booking through him because we liked the guy and it was easier at the time (yeah soz we were being a bit lazy).

Booking the train tickets yourself

Your other option,  as our new friend Rishi at Smyle Inn says,  it to go to the international tourist counter at New Delhi station and book the tickets yourself in advance.

Transport Cost

Train – the train cost will vary because there are a few different train options (express and non express) so I’m just going to tell you what we paid and you can expect to pay when booking through the agent at Smyle Inn (he adds a small commission of around 500 rupees)

Bhopal Shatabdi Express from New Delhi to Agra Cantt – 900 rupees per person and takes 1.5 hours

Taj Express from Agra Cantt to New Delhi – 750 rupees per person and takes 3.5 hours

Rickshaw in Agra – station  to Taj – 100 rupees / for the day – 1000 rupees

Entrance to sights

Taj Mahal  1000 rupees per person and you can go here to book your ticket online. Again Rishi at Smyle Inn is happy to print otherwise you can show your ticket on your phone. www.asi.payumoney.com  (legit guys)

Agra Red Fort – 500 rupees per person when you show your Taj ticket

Backside of Taj Mahal – 200 rupees


Because if you just get a rickshaw to the Taj and then say ta-ra you’re stuck with all this stuff you’re not allowed to take in with you. So listen up these are the things you can take in with you:



So there it is, your guide to taking a day trip from Delhi to Taj Mahal in Agra from Delhi. Happy adventuring and have fun getting the money shot!

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