Surf for the Soul: How Surfing Helped Me Find Presence

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When I left life in London to embark on an adventure which was pretty loosely planned, I had no idea I would be writing about the idea of finding presence. It wasn’t anything that crossed my mind. Or more like, it never had time to enter my mind because I was too busy planning my WHOLE ENTIRE life in the city.

I knew I suffered from anxiety. One night, it got so bad that Mark wrote a list with me, encouraging me to spill my thoughts so he could rationally explain why I wouldn’t need to be worried about each one. Which is also why I’ve written this article – to contribute to freely and openly talking about something which can seem like a big (and overwhelming) deal for the unsuspecting sufferer.

Finding Presence

So, in true Tanned, Toned & Travelled style, I’ve spilled my thoughts into an article to explore how – no matter your ability – it’s possible to find a whole new connection through surfing. No WiFi password required….

And in double TTT style, I’ve collaborated with the fiercely awesome Soul & Surf. You should check them out if you’re looking to practice dawn patrol on a cliff top overlooking some seriously sweet beach breaks, before zenning our in a shala fit for all the goddess poses you can squat long enough for. You can see the post live now on the Soul & Surf Journal >>> VIEW POST

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