11 Norway Natural Wonders that’ll Stoke Your Adventurelust

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The truth is, as the British Airways flight bound for London Heathrow rushed down the tarmac at Oslo airport and into the Nordic summer sky, I cried. Just a little bit. We were leaving Norway, and I was gutted. We only spent 7 days in the country, but boy did it leave its mark. Larger than life waterfalls, panoramic mountainscapes, dreamy camping spots and challenging hikes; this country is an adventure lover’s dream come true. And if you love adventure and the great outdoors enough to cry when you’re torn away from it, you’re sure to come back from a trip to Norway feeling fully revitalised.

For adventure lovers, an activity packed trip to this Scandinavian country is going to leave you feeling more like you’ve just had a vigorous sports massage and less broken than you might first think. From conquering challenging hikes to getting back to nature in beautiful camping spots and cooking up dinner fjord-side; this is all about rest and recuperation… adventure style. And here’s why you should pack your adventure essentials immediately and head for summer holidays in Norway!

1. There are waterfalls everywhere

View from MSR tent camping in Norway in front of waterfalls

Everywhere. I’m not even joking. You’ll camp beside them, climb up them, walk across them, hike beside them, collect your water from them and drive under them. Round every bend in the road, on every hike, and in most camp sites, you’ll find a waterfall cutting through the earth.

2. The views are cinematic

View of a fjord from mountain top in Norway on Trolltunga hike

Norway has this power to remind you just how small you are compared to nature. And not only is it incredibly humbling, but it also means that, from sea level right to the tops of mountains, you will be given an eyeful of some of Mother Nature’s finest work.

3. There’s these things called fjords

Is it a lake? Is it a river? No it’s neither, it’s the sea and it’s something called a fjord. You’ll hike past them, drive beside them and if you’re lucky enough might even kayak or boat down them and if, like me, you’re not used to being surrounded by this kind of epic feat of nature, you’ll be mesmerized by the islands these fjords create as well as the dramatic vistas against the sheer mountainous landscape.

4. Camping is a breeze

Camping beside the river in Norway in our MSR tent

Not only is there beautiful campsites for adventure seekers, but you can also camp anywhere you fancy in Norway. Free camping is completely legal – of course there are a few rules and regulations, but it’s not too difficult to keep well within these seeing as there is so much green space. The camp sites are not crowded and usually shared with caravans, but don’t let that put you off because the tent sites usually have the most beautiful views.

5. Hiking is epic

Lou standing on a rock overlooking fjord on Trolltunga hike

The hikes are sure to  get your heart rate well into that fat burning zone. But you’ll also be faced with incredible vistas round every corner. It’s called working out in nature, and it’s any adventurous fitness lover’s dream come true. Low impact sports bras at the ready!

6. Adventure is round every corner

It doesn’t stop at hiking… there’s kayaking, zip-lining, bungee jumping, row-boating, base-jumping, outdoor swimming. Take your pick!

7. The water tastes so good…

Drinking fresh from the springs in Norway using Poler Stuff camping mug

And when you’re hiking in the Norwegian mountains, the fresh glacial spring water is fully at your disposal. So be sure to hook a Klean Kanteen or Poler Stuff camping mug to your backpack so you’re always equipped to sip on the fresh stuff.

8. …And air is so clean

Not only that fresh water, but the air is so fresh – you’ll fly home feeling like your skin and hair has been fully revitalised. Any of those city cobwebs are sure to be fully blown away.

9. Yoga comes with a view

Upward facing dog yoga asana outdoors on lakeside in Norway, wearing Mons Royale

Whether you feel the need to stretch it out after those strenuous hikes, or you love the ‘one-with-nature’ vibes of finding your flow, there’s sure to be a beautiful and peaceful spot round every corner. We didn’t find any dedicated yoga classes, but if you know your sun salutations, it couldn’t be easier to lead your own flow in the great outdoors.

10. You Can Jump into the Lakes

Icy – yes! But also refreshing and life renewing after those muscle-aching hikes. I dare you to take a dip!

11. Sweets cost nearly a fiver

You might spend every other week in Planet Organic searching out the next trendy superfood, but you probably wouldn’t be human if you don’t think ‘oh I’m on holiday, I can definitely eat all the sweets and chocolate because… holiday!’ But when the sweets cost you the equivalent of £4.50 the price alone is enough to put those gummy bears out of mind and have you reaching for the nearest bunch of bananas instead.


Take bug spray

Mosquitos are huge and they are not afraid to bite.

Take a jacket

The weather in Norway is extremely changeable. I actually went under-prepared with a Pac A Mac and ended up having to buy a £150 O’neill jacket which kept me protected through soggy evenings camping and a cooler days hiking. Make sure you are fully prepared with the essential gear including a good jacket and merino thermals.

If you’re going to jump in the lakes…

Then get in slowly first to allow your body to adjust. If you jump in and your route to get back out is not super easy (i.e steps straight out of the water) then be aware your body could go into shock. Stay safe!

If the weather sucks… don’t hike!

Wait it out, drive to lower land and brew up a cup of tea on the stove. We actually missed out on Kjerag rock, but I’m ok with that because we ended up trekking the Husedalen Valley four waterfalls hike and discovering Eikhamrane camping where we woke up to views across the fjord.

Have you been to Norway?

Where did you go? I’d love to know!

Or if you have any questions, please feel free to ask… i might know the answer, i might not, but i’ll try to point you in the right direction.

Stay wild adventurers!

with love, L x

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