8 Of The Best Hipster Hangouts in Siargao, Philippines

With its hipster hangout spots, pumping surf and more palm trees than your stoke levels can handle; the little gem of the Philippines, Siargao Island, is fast becoming dubbed as the ‘new Bali’. Although it’s far from Bali in both size and infrastructure, it’s got all the small island vibes you’ve ever wanted and needed, including hangouts which ooze all of the hipster cool you can throw a hashtag at. In this Siargao blog post, I’m going to tell you about the best restaurants in Siargao. 

And because there’s actually loads to choose from, I’ve compiled a list of those which you must try before boarding a boat or plane back off of Siargao Island. We tried a heck of a lot of places to eat in Siargao, but these ones really stood out for good vibes and happy tastebuds. So if you love avocados, coffee, smoothie bowls, your mum’s old oversize fleece & your hopes and dreams revolve around an eternal desire to be a mermaid, then you’re going to love this radical selection of mind-blowing hipster hangouts in Siargao Island, Philippines.

#1 Shaka Cafe

Ice coffee & smoothie bowls for two please! Left to right: Cloud 9 & Bakanuwa

The absolute cream of the hipster crop has to be anywhere that whips up colourful and nutritious smoothie bowls. And it just so happens that Siargao Island is home to the Shaka Cafe; not only does this place serve up some seriously ‘grammable smoothie sensations but it’s location is prime. You can gaze through the palms to spy on the surf of the famous Cloud 9 break. It’s hands down one of the best places to get a smoothie bowl in Siargao.

MUST-TRY: Cloud 9 Kook & Bakunawa Bowl (pictured above).

#2 Coco Surf

Not only can you eat fresh and healthy food and chill with the local surf crew at Coco Surf, but this is one of the best hangout spots in Siargao that offers Wi-Fi. We loved the chilled vibes and friendly staff here, along with the super cool mugs and freshly baked goodies to go with your coffee.

MUST-TRY: Granola Jar for breakfast or the Banana & Chocolate bread for a snack.

#3 GreenHouse Cafe

The Combo at Greenhouse is made up of a filter coffee and home-baked banana bread – with lashings of honey and butter. Dribbling yet?

With a menu of all your fave coffees, muesli & yoghurt, red rice porridge and all sorts of eggs on toast, plus a beautiful roadside setting with big cosy chairs and surf movies on loop, Greenhouse Siargao is one of the best hangout spots for after your morning surf. We tried almost everything on the menu here, and it’s a serious toss-up between the combo (pictured above – coffee and banana bread) and the coconut cold brew for my favourite dish so I’m just going to suggest trying both?

MUST-TRY: Coconut cold brew or Combo (pictured above – if you ask nicely you can swap out the hot coffee for an iced one).

#4 Filibeans at Harana Resort

Another top coffee spot… order your fave caffeine booster and sit up at the cosy bar or kick back on the beanbags in the huge wooden restaurant at Harana resort. The beach is just a short walk through the garden of the resort so be sure to check it out before or after your coffee and chill. We heard on the travel grapevine, that the Wi-Fi is usually pretty good here as well, but it wasn’t working when we were here, so don’t count on it.

MUST-TRY: Coffee of your choice… they are all super tasty!

#5 Lolo’s Tacos

Located in Pacifico, Lolo’s Tacos is the perfect hangout spot for lunch while taking a day trip around the island. With tacos, quesadillas and burritos to choose from, there’s enough to fill the emptiest of stomachs (we obviously tried one of each), and with a long communal table it’s the perfect spot to make friends with fellow travellers and surfers – not to mention little quirks you’ll love like a hammock and designated skateboard parking. 

MUST-TRY: Baja Fish Tacos & John’s Special Burrito

Featured photos snapped at Lolo’s Tacos by @leocabal

#6 Deli Street

The cheese & ham counter at Deli Fresh will have you frothing for your lunch.

Anyone who has travelled in Asia for a while will understand that, after a few months, it feels as though you’ve become trapped in a vortex of curry, rice and fried noodle dishes. If you’ve been travelling for a while, you’ll absolutely FROTH for this place because it has REAL SANDWICHES. Deli Fresh is an actual deli, with real and tasty bread and fresh cut slices of ham ‘n’ cheese. Eat in to take advantage of the air con and cheese themed word-search chalked onto the wall or take out. We also bought some crackers, cheese & ham here and had it later on as a mid-afternoon snack.

MUST-TRY: YOUR CHOICE. It’s all amazing, but you can totally build a sandwich to your own taste from the bread to the meat and cheese.

#7 Loose Keys Culture

If you’re after a loose start to the weekend, get yourself to Loose Keys Moto Culture for cocktails and/or burgers because on a Friday night this place goes OFF. They also have a super cool boutique store attached to the restaurant which sells surf accessories plus cool tees and raglans for girls and guys. If that wasn’t enough and your a total petrol head when it comes to bikes, you can also get your hands on a custom-built bike rental.

MUST-TRY: Cocktails of your choice… they are all so good!

#8 White Banana

The Negroni Revolution – Campari bitter, Martini Rosso & homemade kombucha. And yeah, both of those are for me. It was Happy Hour ok?

Much like Loose Keys, White Banana in Siargao offers a food menu, but the cocktail menu is both extensive and boasts a selection of creative concoctions alongside the classics. My FAVE is the Negroni Revolution (pictured above) which is uber hipster because it’s not-so-secret ingredient is homemade kombucha (yes Kombucha in a cocktail right? I’m frothing just thinking about it too). Did I mention it’s beachfront too? I’m talking kicking back on beanbags in the sand watching the sky turn pink out east as the sun sets in the west.

MUST-TRY: Negroni Revolution.

No WiFi, better connection

While hipster hangouts for me would usually include WiFi as standard, don’t count on it in Siargao. If you have a local sim you’ll get 4G in General Luna but unlikely to pick it up anywhere else in the island. You just have to learn to live without it and get back to good old human interaction – it’s great I promise. Digital nomads, this place probably ain’t your jam but definitely have a well deserved holiday here in Siargao! 

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