17 Photographs of Siargao That’ll Stoke Your Adventurelust

Surf kissed coasts, never-ending forests of towering palm trees and lagoons that’ll make you wonder which shade of turquoise could possibly be your favourite – this tear-drop shaped island is a traveller’s gem. Located in the southeast Philippines, Siargao Island has it all; surf, sun, palms galore, exotic fruits, rock pools and hidden lagoons. It’s a tropical paradise like no other. And that’s why I want to share with you our favourite photographs of Siargao.

Back in August, Mark and I spent two weeks following the ebb and flow of the tide to practice our surf skills. And although it was the surf that drew us there in the first place, Siargao wasn’t just about the surf for us – that was just the beginning of the adventure. So full of natural beauty, we couldn’t just relax by the beach in the hammock day in day out (although tempting); we were way too curious. Here are 17 of our dreamiest photographs of Siargao that I hope do this beautiful island some kind of justice and will stoke your adventurelust for tropical travels.

Stoke Your Adventurelust…

Climbing palm trees is a LOT harder than it looks. I got as far as Mark… finally. After nudging up the palm trunk while straddling it. Great look.

Jackson Groves calls this the view from the top of the island. So I’ll call it the same for consistency. Pretty dreamy as-far-as-the-eye-can-see palm treetops though right?

Ever felt so lost in adventure that you just take your shoes off and fling your arms in the air like you just don’t care? Well, Siargao kinda does that to you.

Corregidor Island off the south coast of Siargao is a day trip in itself and very weather dependent. After 3 days of cancellations, the wind and swell dropped and we finally made it. While exploring to the far east of the island, I spied this gorgeous secret beach and couldn’t resist taking this shot of it and dreaming away imagining what it might be like to swim in those turquoise waters.

This is Naked Island pre-sunset. Aptly named because, bar one dwarfed palm tree, this spit of sand which makes up Naked Island is – well – naked. Not to be confused as a nudist spot, because it’s not.

Dawnies & Pacific views. We caught the first waves of the day as the sun oozed into the sky this morning. This is the view from our treat-yoself stay at Harana Resort just before we headed out to Tuason. Pretty magical we thought.

Even at first light Magpupunko Rock Pools on Siargao’s east coast gets pretty busy pretty quickly. Sometimes I just like to float around and while Mark keeps an eye on me from the sideline.

See? Perfect spot for a shot like this we thought.

The smoothie bowls are Shaka Cafe will take you to another level of cloud 9… get your morning health fix here in the far northern point of General Luna.

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Another Jackson Groves spot (seriously it was like a photography scavenger hunt at times!). This is the bent palm tree which I spotted from the back of the scooter as we headed to Magpupunko Rock pools. The reflections of all those palms was too dreamy not to get my DSLR out for.

On a scale of 1 – Robinson Crusoe, I’m going to say this is hard out Robinson Crusoe. What do you reckon?

Jump like no-one’s watching! Or something like that…

Barefoot skates in the tropics for the win! Did you see our video on Instagram of me riding the scooter towing Mark on the skateboard? If you didn’t go check it out, it’s gold!

Palms galore.

Bamboo Beach, Pacifico.

Atop Corregidor Island involves a small hike dappled with palms and knee deep in long grass.

See… knee deep in long grass. But loving it.


How are your adventurelust levels holding up? This place is just as dreamy as it looks… why not save it for the bucket list and pin it.


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